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Application Process

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Author Topic: Application Process  (Read 1031 times)
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« on: March 15, 2012, 02:33:32 pm »

About You

1. What is your timezone‚ primаry language and approximately how many hours of Eve do you play per week? Are you over age 18?

2. List all your Eve characters. Note your main‚ skillpoints of eаch character‚ and if any of the characters were purchased on the character bazaar. You will be asked to private message full API keys of all characters/accounts to your recruitment officer.

3. What ships can you pilot and what ships do you like? What is your play style?  What roles are you familiar with in gang?

4. How do you earn your isk?

5. How long have you been playing Eve? Tell us a little about your Eve history‚ greаtest achievements‚ your fаvorite fights/kills‚ previous corporаtions/alliances‚ аnd any past friendly or unfriendly relationships you’ve had with us.

6. Why do you want to join us? Where did you hear about us? Can anyone in TMPL vouch for you?

7. Do you approve of scamming people in Eve? Have you ever done so? Do you think it’s okay not to honour ransoms? Why do you feel this way? What do you think about spying?

8. Can you light cynos or operate starbase defenses?

9. List any relevant killboard links to all your PvP characters. Use a battleclinic link if you don't have another useful source.

About your Eve knowledge

10. Pick one of the following situations and tell us how you would handle it.

A. Three hostiles are in local and are aggresing blues on the undock of the station you are in. What do you do?

B. You are flying an interceptor with a fleet at a gate waiting for a hostile to jump through. Your eyes on the other side of the gate say a hostile arazu is jumping through. How does an interceptor pilot maximize his or her chances of getting a de-cloak and landing a point successfully?

C. You are scouting +1 for a fleet. The system you have just jumped into has 10 hostiles in it, with no station. You see nothing on grid at the gate. What do you do from here?


D. You are in a fleet engagement and notice that you are suddenly being yellow boxed by the entire hostile fleet. List three things you can do to help keep yourself alive.

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